The Player Development Fund is a Collective operated out of Knoxville, TN, exclusively created for the vast majority of UT athletes and operates to:

  1. PROVIDE safe, compliant NIL payments/deals DIRECTLY to the VAST MAJORITY of UT athletes in a professional manner.
  1. Help RETAIN UT athletes at risk of transferring during the upcoming Spring, 2023 NCAA Transfer Portals.
  1. SERVE UT Athletes and help PREPARE them for life by providing a number of services, including:
    1. Brand management education and training;
    2. Job fairs;
    3. Career development assistance;
    4. Philanthropic opportunities; and
    5. Mentoring Program designed to help UT Athletes make lasting connections with and be directly mentored by leaders and business owners throughout the region.
  2. EDUCATE and INFORM UT athletes, parents and fans about NIL. and
  1. Bring UT athletes and fans together to CONNECT in a real way!

The Player Development Fund is designed to put MORE money into UT athletes’ pockets!  90% of your contribution goes directly to UT athletes!  Help us in our mission to make sure EVERY UT athlete gets paid for NIL!  Contribute now!