1. NIL is a good investment with a recognizable Return of Investment (“ROI”).
    1. A lot of eyes are watching!
    2. UT athletes are celebrities and great ambassadors for your brand!
    3. Regularly seen competing on ESPN and other National TV/ media.
    4. Extensively covered by, followed by, and attention from local and regional media – and sometimes national coverage/attention, especially as end-of-season games/tournaments are played.
    5. Outstanding Social Media following and public interest.
  2. NIL is big for athletes AND your brand.
    1. Athletes will help build your brand and business!
    2. UT athletes are well-known, admired, hard working, professional young people, who will focus on growing and marketing your brand!
    3. All NIL deals will be made in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations, State Law and UT policies.
    4. Easy transactions!
    5. Creates lasting personal and professional relationships!
    6. Prepares UT athletes for the future and helps them learn/improve business and personal budgeting skills.
  3. Your brand will enjoy a PR Bump. See HowBrandsCanLeverageNILin2022v2.pdf (cleankonnect.com)
    1. Brands are receiving significant positive press/coverage when they support college athletes with NIL deals.  
  4. NIL makes our athletics teams STRONGER and MORE COMPETITIVE.
    1. The SEC can improve in the NIL space!  As of March, 2023, the Southeastern Conference ranks 5th in NIL Compensation and Total NIL Activities behind the Big Ten, Big 12, Atlantic Coast and Pac-12 Conferences. See NIL Industry Insights (Opendorse).  Help make the SEC stronger in NIL!
  5. NIL deals help RETAIN UT athletes.

Contact David Sanger at David@nextlevelnilteam.com or call (865) 806-2451 to explore NIL deals for UT athletes!  In this rapidly growing industry, Next Level Athletics has the experience and expertise you can rely on to help create a marketing plan to maximize your brand and value.  

Our UT athletes perform a number of services, including: serving as Brand Ambassadors, social media influencers/marketers, making appearances, attending meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, training/coaching sessions, photo shoots, and performing in commercials/TV/other media. 

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